Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sarah from on the brightside... is having a photo contest on collections. I thought about it for a long time, because I don't really have any collections...

but then I realized that I actually do. I have a scarf collection (from around the world). I have a shoe collection. I have a mug collection. I have a smile collection (yes, I collect people's smiles in my mind...please don't judge me).

The collection that I decided to photograph, though, is my shell collection. I have shells from all the beaches that I have visited, and I have this glass jar that a friend gave me a while back. So I decided to put the two together, and I now have a jar full of shells that bring back many memories for me.

There are shells in here from the gulf coast of Florida, from the Atlantic coast of Florida, from Manhattan Beach, California, from Auckland, New Zealand, from St. Croix, and a couple of rocks from the shore of Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Every time I go somewhere there is a beach, I pick up a few shells to take back and put in my jar. It's a free souvenir packed with memories...just the kind I like. So here you shell collection.

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  1. oh, i love the shells! so pretty & a really great collection!! thanks so much for doing the photo contest! yay! :)

    & a scarf collection from around the world?? amazing! i would like to see that too, i love scarves!!! :)